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Reza Aslan

Reza Aslan, Ph.D.
Office: 3011 INTN
Phone: (951) 827-5570
E-mail: reza.aslan@ucr.edu

  Laila Lalami Laila Lalami, Ph.D.
Office:3016 iNTN
Phone: (951) 827-5570
E-mail: laila.lalami@ucr.edu
Charmaine Craig Charmaine Craig, M.F.A.
Assistant Professor
Office: 3018 INTN
Phone: (951) 827-5570
E-mail: charmaine.craig@ucr.edu
  Long Goldberry Long, M.F.A.
Assistant Professor
Office: 3005 INTN
Phone: (951) 827-5570
E-mail: goldberry.long@ucr.edu
Josh Emmons Josh Emmons, M.F.A.
Assistant Professor
Office: 3013 INTN
Phone: (951) 827-5424
E-mail: josh.emmons@ucr.edu
  Tom Lutz Tom Lutz, Ph.D.
Office: 3002 INTN
Phone: (951) 827-5570
E-mail: tom.lutz@ucr.edu
Stephen Erickson Steve Erickson, M.A.
Assistant Professor
Office: 3021 INTN
Phone: (951) 827-5424
E-mail: stephen.erickson@ucr.edu
  Jane Smiley Jane Smiley, Ph.D.
Office: 3008 INTN
E-mail: jane.smiley@ucr.edu


Katie Ford Katie Ford, M.F.A.
Associate Professor
Director, MFA program

Office: 3020 INTN
Phone: (951) 827-5424
E-mail: katie.ford@ucr.edu

  susan straight Susan Straight, M.F.A.
Distinguished Professor
Office: 3025 INTN
Phone: (951) 827-5570
E-mail: susan.straight@ucr.edu
Nalo Hopkinson Nalo Hopkinson, M.A.
Office: 3017 INTN
Phone: (951) 827-5424
E-mail: nalo.hopkinson@ucr.edu
  Allison Benis White Allison Benis White, M.F.A.
Assistant Professor
Office: 3007 iNTN
Phone: (951) 827-5424
E-mail: allison.white@ucr.edu
Michael Jayme Michael Jayme, M.F.A.
Associate Professor
Office: 3004 INTN
Phone: (951) 827-5570
E-mail: michael.jayme@ucr.edu
  Andrew Winer Andrew Winer, M.F.A.
Associate Professor & Chair
Office: 3033C INTN
Phone: (951) 827-5569
E-mail: andrew.winer@ucr.edu
Ilya Kaminsky, J.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: INTN 3050
Phone: (951) 827-5421
E-mail: ilya.kaminsky@ucr.edu


Christopher Buckley Christopher Buckley, M.F.A.
Professor Emeritus
E-mail: christopher.buckley@ucr.edu
  maurya simon Maurya Simon, M.F.A.
Professor of the Graduate Division
E-mail: maurya.simon@ucr.edu
Mike Davis Mike Davis, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
E-mail: michael.davis@ucr.edu
  Ben Stoltzfus Ben Stoltzfus, Ph.D.
Edward A. Dickson Distinguished Professor Emeritus
E-mail: ben.stoltzfus@ucr.edu
Juan Herrera Juan Felipe Herrera, M.F.A.
Tomas Rivera Endowed Professor Emeritus
E-mail: juan.herrera@ucr.edu
  Chuck Whitney D. Charles Whitney, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
E-mail: chuck.whitney@ucr.edu
Judy Kronenfeld Judy Kronenfeld, Ph.D.
Lecturer Emerita
E-mail: judy.kronenfeld@ucr.edu
  Dwight Yates Dwight Yates, A.B.D.
Lecturer Emeritus
E-mail: dwight.yates@ucr.edu
Eliud Martinez Eliud Martinez, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
E-mail: eliud.martinez@ucr.edu
In Memoriam
Stephen Minot

Stephen Minot
Professor Emeritus


Writers who have recently visited or taught for us:

  • Joyce Carol Oates
  • Philip Levine
  • Wole Soyinka
  • Salvador Plascencia
  • Ben Ehrenreich
  • Aimee Bender
  • Marisa Silver