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The Department of Creative Writing at UCR offers the only Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing in the University of California system and MFA in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts. It is a growing and dynamic program made up entirely of established writers and poets. Courses at UCR are designed for all students in the language arts, and they emphasize developing each student's skills and talents. Through writing fiction, poetry, nonfiction and/or drama, students examine language and meaning both as practitioners and as readers as they develop and hone essential writing techniques.

Every writer needs to develop a critical sense to augment creative ability. For this reason, the Creative Writing Department offers two types of courses. Workshop courses are seminars that focus on writing and on the discussion of student work. Reading courses for writers focus on aspects of literature presented from a writer's point of view. Frequently they employ writing in imitation as one of several approaches to understanding the craft of writing. Upper division workshop courses are offered at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels in poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. Several reading courses link two genres such as fiction and poetry, and poetry and drama.

38th Annual Writers Week Conference 2015
Writers Week is the longest-running, free literary event in California

Tom Lutz, Writers Week director
NoViolet Bulawayo • Maria Bustillos • Steph Cha • Ching-In Chen • Michael Datcher • Mike Davis
Geoff Dyer • Josh Emmons • Katie Ford • Tod Goldberg • Juan Felipe Herrera • Ernest Hogan
Michelle Huneven • Laila Lalami • MariNaomi • Claudia Rankine • Mona Simpson • Jane Smiley
Alan Soldofsky • Jervey Tervalon • Allison Benis White

The Department of Creative Writing is very pleased to announce
the addition of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jane Smiley to our faculty.

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